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In Commercial real estate assets

Manufactured Housing Property Specialist

Are your looking for manufactured housing broker, management, or investment partners? Do you want to be entirely certain that you are getting the best property you can? MHP Global always provides cutting-edge solutions for our client’s commercial property needs.

Whether leasing, selling, developing property, or simply looking for an investment, our group of professionals have unparalleld expertise across a wide array of real estate skill sets. We aim to be among the most innovative organizations in the world, and our multitudinous resources and global affiliates help us to consistently maintain that atmosphere of innovation.

Multifamily Asset Management

MHP Global focuses many of its resources dealing in profitable multifamily assets. Such assets include mobile home and apartment communities. Our team particularly excels at the sale and acquisition of these properties, as well as building profitable partnerships with and managing these types of real estate. Start working with us today to reap all the benefits that our experience with these properties brings.