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In Commercial real estate assets


MHP Global is a client focused, Mobile Home Community specialty brokerage firm including investment sales and client representation for MHC assets and portfolios, acquisition, community management solutions, 1031 exchange solutions, and acquisition partnerships with MHP Global.

Our credibility in the MHC asset class and our reputation to uphold critical standards have took us to the top of our market place positioning MHP Global  as a market leader and must trusted advisor and partner. With our experience in this asset class, our data base of clients, and our unique experience as owner operators and partners in acquisitions you can have complete confidence we will maximize your investment and provide the return you need from your investment. If you are considering selling your MHC by owner you must first consider how much money you may be inadvertently leaving on the table.  Unfortunately many owners feel they can save by avoiding paying a commission this however is not usually the case. The expertise and market knowledge that MHP Global has will protect you from:

  • Unqualified buyers
  • “Full Price offers”  that are renegotiated during due diligence
  • Selling your property for less than it is worth
  • Bad Land Contract deals
  • Un-solicited offers that put all the leverage in the buyers corner and leave you in a situation  where the un-solicited buyer has no competition for the purchase.


MHP Global is a market leader and our data base of of property owners and brokers that specialize in the MHC  industry puts you in a position where your first in the sequence of seeing properties that getting ready to be put on market and those that have not yet been offered to the public. Working exclusively with MHP Global we determine and execute based on your investment criteria properly aligning you with sellers that match criteria increasing the odds of acquisitions and investment goals.

For more details on exclusive acquisition management please contact Michael Calin at (586) 214-1169 or email him at