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MHP Global is a specialized real estate brokerage in Detroit, Michigan. We employ only the best in the business, so you can be assured you have access to a global network of manufactured housing specialists.

Innovation is just one of our strengths, as we always aim to stay entirely current with the greatest in modern Manufactured housing practices. With our many advisors and affiliates, we maintain the resources to maintain all your manufactured housing needs. Our organization provides a variety of manufactured housing needs from acquisition, management, and investment partnering.Primarily we are a Mobile Community Brokerage.

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Our company was started with the express purpose to sell real estate, and we have since provided our valued customers with many sales and brokering opportunities. Over time, we have developed a specialty in mobile home communities, brokerage, advisory, and manufactured housing acquisition management.

Our mission statement further tells you just what we are all about: We are committed to being #1 in agents, volume, community, and in the minds and hearts of our clients and peers. Our guiding principles include a commitment to providing personal service that exceeds expectations while maintaining a dedication to the highest professional standards and levels of integrity.

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